Your Amazon Specialists

Amazon is a complex maze of analytics and optimization — I will guide your brand toward success.

Chris JacksonAmazon Compliance & Optimization

Bolstered by an education at UC Irvine with manufacturing business experience, Chris has the right tools for online retailing. Chris won’t admit it, but much of SD Retailers’ daily success can be credited toward his e-commerce expertise. And that includes anything and everything to do with Amazon.

Whether it’s platform management, ranking analytics, or content optimization, Chris does it all. To top all that, Chris deals with Amazon customer service so his clients don’t have to.

Although typically reserved in nature, you might just catch him being rowdy at an LA Kings game.

I treat your products as if they were my own. That’s what trusted partners do.

Matt BurleyAccounts & Brand Manager

Born and raised in Orange County, Matt is accustomed to a fast-pace lifestyle. He oversees thousands of great products every day — he’s responsible for making sure your account is in tip-top shape and your brand is being pushed out the door.

Dedicated, relentless, and possibly stubborn, Matt doesn’t stop working until the job is done. And done right. He prides himself in being reliable and trustworthy — that kind of confidence has grown steadily as more and more companies put their trust in Matt and SD Retailers.

But when the job is done, Matt enjoys a good day of fishing or golf, and a quiet evening with his wife and two dogs.